Ep 94 Yum yourself up with the Wellness Mama

Not only is Katie Wells the CEO and Founder of Wellness Mama, she is a mom-of-six warrior, intrepid journalist, top-notch researcher, and titan in the podcast space. Her show, The Wellness Mama Podcast, focuses on natural living and ways to improve your life and the lives of those in your care. She’s just a wellspring of wisdom, this one.

In this week’s episode, Katie joins Sher and Nance to talk about the Health + Wellness Pillar, how she overcame her own challenges and created a wellness culture at home. Katie shares a few fail-safe practices to find structure and happiness.

Listen DreamTribe, we all know this is true: it’s about spending time with who really matters and making sure we honor those non-negotiables!


  • Nance is in Cleveland taking care of her mom and shoring up the Friends + Family Pillar with some of her dearest and oldest friends.
  • When you’re traveling (or at home) yum yourself up with plants, good workouts, and meditation… and keep an eye on the booze!
  • While Nancy is surprising herself and sticking to her Orangetheory workouts even while traveling, Sheri manifested a Soulcycle fire alarm and evacuation.
  • Katie’s journey started in 2006 when she took her health into her own hands by researching the answers to her health questions and problems. Her background in journalism helped her get answers that would ultimately enlighten many other mothers looking for information.
  • Katie uses the same systems in her home life with her six children that she does in business.
  • Self-care is not always about taking care of your own needs. It can also mean delegating and finding ways to reduce the stress of having to do everything yourself.
  • Two of the healthiest things you can do: nurture close friendships and move your body every day.
  • When something conflicts with your non-negotiable, it doesn’t make it on your schedule!

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