Ep 56 What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You? Christine Lang

If our bodies are our energetic maps, and our symptoms the compass, Christine Lang leads us to find the hidden messages and treasures our bodies are holding, and trying to share. An energy healer, medical intuitive and translator for the spirit, Christine mixes the mystic with the practical, so in this episode she prescribes journaling, aloe vera juice and silicone arch supports all in the same breath.

Sheri and Nancy have agreed (yet again!) to forego their personal boundaries and share their own ”love letters from their spirits” — the messages their bodies are sending them. Christine also shares the meaning behind some common symptoms, and the ways our emotional patterns manifest into physical ailments.

And wait — you can get even MORE Christine as she kicks off the very first class in the Pillar Life School! Her tiny class, Your Symptoms Are Your Compass, will feature invaluable nuggets, ways you can read and understand your own symptoms, and so much more.


  • [3:36] Sheri and Nancy have officially launched the Pillar Life School! They will be specially curating the faculty to share courses, wisdom, teachings, and inspiration with you, the Pillar Life Dream Team. The Pillar Life School is a place to collaborate, connect and learn how to live the lives of our dreams.
  • [8:13] One of Sheri and Nancy’s favorite guests, Christine Lang, returns back to the podcast (you can check out her first appearance on Ep. 44 here).
  • [9:12] In the Western world we tend to see our bodies as separate from us, and seek the help of medical professionals when we feel pain, discomfort or confusion. Christine tells us that our spirits are sending us messages all the time and our bodies are the perfect answering machines to catch those messages. Instead of deleting or ignoring them, the real work is in paying attention and listening.
  • [11:10] Christine runs through some common ailments and what the emotional undercurrent typically may be. In the throat area, stress is stored and manifested when we can’t speak our truth or when we worry about how others will react to what we say. The more we filter our message, the more we aren’t using our authentic voice.
  • [14:27] When something just gets “under your skin,” it really may manifest as a skin disorder. Psoriasis, hives, and rashes often develop when we feel we have to go along with the status quo not to rock the boat.
  • [16:53] We all internalize and externalize stress differently. While a stressful experience may lead one person to develop a headache and another a stomach ache, they are both demonstrations of stored and unexpressed emotions.
  • [17:31] Feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? This may come up literally as neck and shoulder pain.
  • [19:20] The different sides of our bodies hold meaning as well. The right side represents future, and the left our past. This is a beautiful indication of where we have work to do or beliefs to let go of.
  • [21:13] Christine’s reading on the pain in Nancy’s left ankle uncovers that this flare up may be emerging because Nancy feels she is getting left behind in some important matter, or should have done something differently in her past.
  • [27:46] Sheri’s chronic left knee pain may be a way of her body manifesting guilt and shame for the way she treated herself in the past. Christine gently urges Sheri and all of us to honor whatever choices she made, even over-indulgences, as they were the highest and best choices at the time. Release the rest.
  • [34:33] Take a look at how you deflect compliments instead of opening yourself up to them.
  • [36:12] Our bodies are so intelligent. They tend to store stress and negative energy as far away from our vital organs as possible.
  • [36:52] Autoimmune issues tend to flare up when there is an emotional pattern of feeling as though our world is unjust and a resentment for following the rules while others break them. Christine’s advice is to read books that inspire you and explain the universal laws. Your immune system will thank you.


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