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Welcome to The Pillar Life

The Pillar Life approach is a simple strategy we created to transform our lives, and we believe it can give you the framework you need for a radical shift in your own life experience.

Here’s how we see it: The landscape of our lives — we call it our lifescape — is comprised of 8 pillars: Health & Wellness, Spirituality & Happiness, Romance & Sex, Friends & Family, Creativity & Innovation (formerly known as work), Adventure & Discovery, Sanctuary & Beauty, and our newest pillar, Money & Abundance.

The pillars are a life guidance system to help you envision the grandest, deepest, richest life of your dreams, and then build the practices to make those dreams come true.

Here’s to The Pillar Life!


The Pillar Life Team

Our Pillars

Health & Wellness
Spirituality & Happiness
Romance & Sex
Friends & Family
Creativity & Innovation
Adventure & Discovery
Sanctuary & Beauty
Money & Abundance

The Weekend

August 24th-26th, 2018

Get ready to tell a new story—one that reimagines the possibilities of your most expansive, joy-filled life. We believe that This is Fifty: The Weekend is your time to revision your life, reimagine your possibilities, and reignite the energy that fuels your joyride to the life of your dreams. When we launched our podcast series, This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy, we began with simple conversations about how we could redefine the middle of life and make the rest of our dreams come true. That conversation has become a shared vision with thousands around the world.  There is a drum beat for a new day for 40, 50, 60 somethings and beyond. And great learnings for the younger generations.

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The Pillar Life T-TOX by Tea Vibes

We’ve teamed up with the creators of Tea Vibes, a bespoke tea company based in Los Angeles that produces handcrafted, organic, delicious teas. Together we’ve crafted the The Pillar Life T-TOX by Tea Vibes — a daily ritual that hydrates, cleanses and calms. Five different teas designed to lighten your body and lift your spirits.

Our first T-TOX helped us stop the night-time snacking, and gave us energy and clarity throughout the day. It had us glowing from the inside out. We love it! We think you will too. Use promo code THEPILLARLIFE to get 10% off.

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The Podcast

Ep. 51 Energize Your Home and Your Life with Jayme Barrett

Feng Shui wizard and best-selling author Jayme Barrett says our personal landscape is a mirror to our inner life. She’s here to enliven Sheri and Nancy’s Sanctuary & Beauty pillar, helping them see how not only their homes, but everything that surrounds them including the clothes they wear, either expands or blocks their energetic flow and path to abundance. She shares ancient wisdom and practical tips for unlocking the potential in our homes, our surrounding and our spirit — getting the stagnant energy moving and creating an environment that supports health, wealth and happiness.


The Pillar Life Kitchen

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Nancy: Another beloved comfort food – stuffed peppers – made new.

Didn’t everyone’s grandma have a stuffed pepper recipe? It’s classic peasant food and quite delicious. But this recipe has a few twists and turns. For starters, we use red bell peppers instead of green ones. Red peppers have a sweeter, milder taste than green (but you can certainly use green if you prefer, or both!) We use brown rice instead of white, because of course. And we use faux beef crumbles instead of ground beef, because it’s our goal, and we hope yours, to eat less animal product.


The Pillar Life Kitchen

Kimberly Snyder’s Radical Beauty Skin Texture Smoothing Mask

Kimberly: Try applying this mask once a week to see your skin become smoother with diminished age spots.

Blend 1/2 cup coconut yogurt, 1 avocado (peeled and pitted), 3 tablespoons raw, organic honey, and 1 organic carrot in a food processor or blender until it reaches a smooth consistency. Spread over your face and neck and relax for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

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The Pillar Life Kitchen

The Pillar Life Hummus

Sheri: I love this hummus recipe. I’ve been tinkering with it for the past several weeks. The secret ingredient is the bespoke tahini that is the centerpiece of this deliciousness. I discovered it through a very cool woman I met at a retreat in the desert. Suzi Matthews is a rockstar artist who is fascinating for days. She told me about this tahini company her sister cofounded — Seed + Mill. I jumped on the chance to up my hummus game and indeed I have. Seed + Mill is offering you a 25% discount on either one of their two tahinis — original and herb until August 17, 2018. Visit and use promo code SEEDFIFTY.


The Pillar Life Kitchen

Really Good Chili

Nancy: This rich, aromatic chili is full of bright vegetables, beans and delicious spices.  The vinegar adds a little bite, and the cinnamon and smoked paprika give it an earthy depth. I add the Beyond Beef crumbles but they are optional. If you aren’t into faux meats, you can certainly make this dish without it, and lose none of the flavor.


It’s Better

Have you tuned into our Better Thursdays? We put out mini episodes filled with things we think are Better. In our latest Better we talk about Kimberly Synder’s latest face mask. Psst…recipe above!




Chief Visionaries

Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala are soulmate sister friends of 28 years and chief visionaries of The Pillar Life and cohosts of This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy, their popular podcast. Between them, they’ve had one of the most high-powered careers in television (Sheri); married, divorced and raised two children while working with Fortune 500 companies (Nancy). Each took a different path that led to the same life-changing decision when over many chardonnay-inspired dreamstorming sessions, they joined forces to support each other in elevating their lives and consciously create more happiness, success and abundance.