Ep 92 Becoming Love, with Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert knows all about love. And what she doesn’t know she’s on a quest to find out. This week, Sheri and Nancy have the ULTIMATE girlfriend conversation with this world-renowned author and master storyteller. Best known for the global phenom, Eat, Pray, Love, Liz is back with a juicy, sexy romp of a book, City of Girls, out on June 4.

Sheri and Nancy were both mesmerized with how Liz seems to shoot love out of her heart like a cannon, and to be “of” this world but not “get tangled” in it. They walked away from the chat with some life-changing golden nuggets, especially Liz’s goal of “being love in every room” that she enters. Becoming Love. Wow. That sounds like a Pillar goal for sure. Don’t miss this convo, DreamTribe. It’s a good one.


  • Has the dynamic changed between Sher and Nance since they have moved to different cities? Yes, of course, but it’s for the better because now they have even more to talk about and catch up on.
  • They both agree that mood management is the name of the game. Your mood alone can drastically change your experience.
  • Liz Gilbert is here! Her new novel, the summer read we’re all looking for, City of Girls, is out on June 4. It is a page-turner about a young woman and her adventurous life.
  • Be like Liz, and let your love shoot out at others like a T-shirt cannon. Lol.
  • The more we can be in love with ourselves, the more we can be there for others. Self-care is a daily practice, and it’s never too late to start.
  • In the middle of life, it’s easy to think there’s no one to support and take care of you. Challenge this by writing down how many people (friends, family and even strangers) have supported and taken care of you just on that day alone. Feel the gratitude of how loved you are and know that you couldn’t be alone, even if you tried.
  • Be the love in the room. If you are alone in the room, be love for yourself.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Elizabeth Gilbert

City of Girls

Eat, Pray, Love


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