Rise and Rise Again

A few weeks ago, I trekked to the Wanderlust Festival in Whistler BC to join the speaker line up.  

And it was great, friends.

Beautiful. Uplifting. Everything I love about the Wanderlust brand and their vision of Tribe. Those titans of the quintessential soulfest know how to put on an event that offers limitless possibilities to evolve and grow. All the classes, experiences and even crazy offerings – like zip lining through gigantic mountains and doing aerial yoga – are magic. Yet the real opportunity to expand one’s consciousness is (as always) in the connecting to the other wanderlusters who have convened to dream big.

Lately, more and more, I have begun to look at my own daily life like a treasure hunt – following clues, looking for signs. I have begun to eagerly expect the universe to deliver up the gems that will move me away from negativity and danger, light up the path of greatest joy and sometimes just surprise and delight me with magician-like synchronicity. It is astounding to me that when you set the intention to be guided, how quickly and powerfully that guidance appears. So, I wondered what my parting gift would be from the mountains of gorgeous Whistler.

On my last night, it came wrapped in a bow as I discovered the “real” reason I was in Canada.

I was at dinner with two up-and-coming thought leaders, Mark Groves (@createthelove) and his partner Kylie McBeath (@beingisbeautiful). Mark is a relationship expert/coach and Kylie is cofounder of an innovative nutrition company. I coaxed them to tell me all about themselves, and Mark very vulnerably laid out his relationship history, warts and all, and explained what put him on the path to real love. And it was this sentence that struck me like a thunderbolt: He said, “I made a decision to commit to live at the level of my highest knowledge.” Mark went on to explain that by doing so he had stopped recreating old patterns and repeating parts of the same old worn out story. By living at the level of his highest knowledge he would be creating something new. Something elevated.  

I am still sitting with the enormity of that statement. The beautiful alchemy of taking regret, mistakes and poor choices and spinning them into a higher level of knowledge and moving up from there. With that profound personal commitment, there would never be a need to repeat situations or choices that do not serve or waste time beating ourselves up for not knowing what we didn’t know when we didn’t know it. And it works for everything: Health and wellness, spirituality and happiness, relationships, romance and sex, creativity and innovation – all of it. This is quantum good.  

Now, back home in America, what Mark shared with me has sparked this practice. As I learn something new, I look to shed old skin and rise up to the next level and stay risen until I rise again and rise again and again and again and…

“What is my highest knowledge about this?”

Or in my words:

“What is my highest knowing about this?

That’s what I’m asking myself these days.

Thanks Mark.

Mark Groves is a writer, speaker and coach. He resides is Vancouver, BC. http://markgroves.tv