Ep 108 Count Your Manifestations!

What a year it was. We’ve been manifesting left and right. When the joy ride is this great, it’s important every once in a while to stop, take a look around, and fully appreciate all that you’ve conjured. In this episode, Sheri + Nancy look back at 2019 and discuss their most significant life changes … where they live, what they’ve created, who they’ve met and what they’ve realized along the way. This is quantum-level “counting your blessings” so listen in and stoke your own fires for more manifesting in the year to come. 

And if you need last-minute gift ideas for the Friends + Family in your life, shop with us at The Pillar Life. The Sheri + Nancy Show is on Holiday Hiatus until January 14. Glad tidings DreamTribe! 

In this episode: