Ep 111 Stuff We Think is BETTER!

An entire episode dedicated to BETTER. Better things, better ideas, better ways of doing so many fabulous things. From popcorn poppers to toilet bowls to how to prep for a week of living The Pillar Life, these are the hacks, tips, tricks and products Sheri and Nancy swear by (and one or two that may or may not have been debunked). And the BETTER news is that many of their favorites are now available in The Pillar Life Shop.

And for the first time, Sheri + Nancy are taking their show on the international road. They’re making a special joint appearance in Canada! Calling all Canadian and Pacific Northwest DreamTribers – don’t miss this chance for a special “Dream Your Life” Luncheon with Sheri + Nancy in Vancouver B.C. on April 3rd. Details in the link below. 

Life is just getting better and better all the time. Tune in. 

In this episode: