Ep 124 Jack Canfield Teaches Goals, Affirmations + Visualizations

Jack Canfield is back! He joins Sheri + Nancy this week in their continuing journey through his amazing Success Principles Workbook. Jack talks about how to transcend fear in these challenging times by focusing on the goals you’re dreaming for yourself. You can’t worry and focus on the positive at the same time, so now’s the time to make the best choice for ourselves and our futures. 

Jack recommends a special meditation, created by Dawson Church, which combines EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, i.e. “tapping”) and Heartmath. It’s been shown to increase immunoglobulins that help fight viruses. (Link below.)

The conversation moves on to goal setting, which is all about reviewing the areas of your life you really care about (that’s the Eight Pillars for us) and turning your dreams and visions into specifics – giving form to intention. Start with an easy goal that you can accomplish in less than six weeks and build some success. Rather than saying you’ll work out “every day” say you’ll commit to six days a week, so if you miss a day you’ve given yourself a chance to get back on track. Set goals and think about them, write them down, share them with a friend. Accountability leads to success. 

Jack tells us that he sets three goals every year of his life. He wants us all to identify a breakthrough goal – that’s anything that would make a quantum leap in your life in the space of 12 months. And he shares this nugget: you may lose the things you’ve manifested, but mastery is knowing you can achieve your goals again and again.  

Sheri + Nancy dive into affirmations with Jack. An affirmation is a short statement that creates dynamic tension in the brain and leads to creative solutioning to achieve your dream. Jack teaches a process called ideal vision to add to that affirmation. Imagine all the details of what you want to manifest. Make it emotional so that it really resonates.

To end the show, Jack shares his powerful daily affirmation and visualization practice. It’s breakthrough-level good.

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