Ep 125 Don’t Keep Your Day Job, with Cathy Heller

Cathy Heller has turned her passions into millions and this week she joins Sheri + Nancy to share her secrets. By all means, pull up a chair. This show is on FIRE. If you’re feeling stuck, worried about your job or business, or ambivalent in any way, our conversation with Cathy will deliver the burst of energy and inspiration you need. 

Cathy talks about what’s really essential and how we should occupy this pause in our lives. She shares insights about how we create survival strategies from childhood to keep ourselves busy so we don’t “feel”, and how we don’t dream big because we don’t want to be disappointed.  She says it’s harder to make $45,000 a year than $1 million – because at 45k you are serving someone else’s dream. Truth. 

 Cathy defines the TUG – that unmistakable call to take action that you can only receive when you get still. So, DreamTribe, now is the time for us to get still and see if there is a tug in our lives leading us to something new.

There are a few things that each of us can do, right now, when it comes to boosting our businesses. First, Cathy says to serve your audience (no matter how small) really well. Engage, engage, engage. Then, use radical empathy to intersect with the people on a meaningful level that truly resonates. 

To end the show, Nancy shares two easy breezy recipes she created on the fly during lockdown. They involve really thinly sliced cucumbers, red onions, potatoes and her new love affair with parsley. The Pillar Life Kitchen expands!


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