Ep 37 Lori Harder: Find Your Tribe

Beloved podcaster and author Lori Harder joins Sheri and Nancy to talk about why finding your tribe may be the answer to abundance, connection and breakthroughs on every level.  As founders of the DreamTribe, this is something Sher and Nance always knew, but Lori adds a whole new perspective to the power of TRIBE.

In her new book, A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori passionately recounts on her own experiences of going from an anxiety-ridden, unhappy and unhealthy woman to a three-time fitness world champion, madly-in-love married person, and podcast queen. But she also tells us how she didn’t do it alone.

Tribes are a way for us to share our wisdom, dive deep into what’s holding us back, construct a few important boundaries and declare our intentions to a like-minded group. Tribes are an energetic exchange of souls, all seeking abundance for themselves and each other.  Lori shares her definition of a tribe, how you can find yours and what to expect once you are in one.

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  • [4:55] Don’t let fear hold you back from greatness and moving in the direction your dreams. Even with the amazing things Lori has accomplished, she still feels the internal flapping of nervous butterflies before a speaking engagement or big event. Sheri and Nancy agree, and say that often this is a signal that you are growing and expanding, rather than staying small in your comfort zone.
  • [7:12] In her new book, A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori set forth to help women create a tribe and community with intention and purposeful connection.
  • [9:01] In her childhood and early teen years, Lori struggled with feelings of anxiety and isolation. She was overweight and yearned to break free of the bad habits that surrounded her in her friends and family. It was a tough decision to move away and leave that tribe, but she had to follow her inner calling.
  • [11:13] Lori dedicated her time and energy to learning healthy habits, mindful eating, and fitness. This focus and commitment led to her becoming a three-time fitness world champion.
  • [15:02] A tribe can be many things, but should consist of people who celebrate your accomplishments and support your goals. Tribemates can be existing friends, or women you meet with the sole intention of working on your Pillar Life together.
  • [15:43] Lori finds a tribe of three or four to be the sweet spot in creating a powerful group force. She meets with her tribes (she is currently part of three) for an hour once every two weeks.
  • [17:06] In her book, Lori explains the agreements, expectations and questions tribemates can ask each other to make sure the partnership is an equal energy exchange.
  • [39:20] We are the CEOs of our own lives, and it’s up to us to avoid ruts and continue to learn and grow. When she turned 40, Nancy made it a priority to learn something new each year. On her list was knitting, yoga, and gardening and she is planning on filling up her life calendar with some new fun hobbies. Sheri is continuing to fall in love with the Italian language.

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