Ep 42 Kris Carr and our Crazy Sexy SELVES

Self-care is health care. Sheri and Nancy’s guest today is superstar Kris Carr and it is her mission to show us that taking charge of our own health is the most important job we will ever have in this lifetime. Kris is a shining beacon in the Health & Wellness Pillar, a #1 NY Times Bestseller, and a world-renowned Wellness Activist and Cancer Thriver. Her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer reveals how Kris went from NYC party girl to a woman terrifyingly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on a quest to survive and thrive. Kris shares intimate stories about how her love of creativity fuels her wellness, the importance of taking total responsibility for her own health, and her “Pillars of Prevention and Healing” … and she gives us a glimpse into her new 21-day program, Crazy Sexy You.

Remember DreamTribe — the middle of life can and should be the green-juiciest time to invest in self-care. So listen in for some megawatt inspiration.


  • [2:35] Planning an old school sleepover with your friends can and should be a Pillar Practice! Sheri and Nancy have a Friendship Sleepover with plenty of Pillar Talk, good food, and a RomCom. They indulge in a great vegan dinner (Cheezy Penne Pasta! One of Nancy’s favorite recipes) and a Sandra Bullock movie.
  • [6:16] Sheri recalls first meeting today’s guest, Kris Carr, on the Oprah show with Dr. Oz.
  • [10:16] Kris has been living with cancer for more than 15 years. She researched, and explored, and applied what she learned to heal herself from the inside out.
  • [10:45] Kris has Five Pillars of Prevention and Healing and she says they all need attention if you want to thrive:
    • What are you eating?
    • What are you drinking?
    • What are you thinking?
    • How are you resting and renewing?
    • What kind of environment surrounds you?
  • [11:54] Self-care is all about health care. We are responsible for our own well being and commitment to health, and it looks different for every person at every stage in our life.
  • [14:46] Only 5-10% of cancers are genetic. Kris sees this information as a way to empower ourselves, and to take control of our lifestyle choices.
  • [17:23] Creativity is a potent medicine for Kris, and dreaming up ways for her to channel the message of health is one of her favorite parts about life.
  • [20:42] Kris believes in progress and not perfection. Going from a meat and potatoes diet to 100% raw vegan overnight doesn’t work for most people, but slowly increasing healthy, plant-based, whole foods in addition to moving away from processed foods is a gradual way to shift toward better health.
  • [24:27] There are a lot of proteins in plants. Great sources include beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. It’s also important to get your protein from high-quality sources.
  • [26:07] Sheri has had good success so far with her new anti-inflammatory diet.
  • [30:50] Kris is using everything she knows from her research so far on helping her dad heal his own cancer.
  • [32:15] In her 20s and early 30s, Kris’s self -care was all about eating to stay thin for her commercial acting career. Then, it was all about discovering how she could heal herself from cancer. Now she focuses on what is good for her.
  • [36:05] We can choose to make energy deposits in our account all day long by eating well, staying hydrated, meditating and moving our body.
  • [36:58] Kris uses a guided visualization to access her intuition. She listens to what her physical body is signaling to her as a guide to get in touch with what type of self care she is craving most.
  • [41:43] Everyone discusses their “why” … Nancy wants to be on track with intention and purpose, and let go of the “loose ends” in life that no longer serve her. Kris’s overall “why” is to make more memories and live authentically in her purpose which will light the path to help others recover their health. Sheri wants to fully inhabit and master all the Pillars in her life.
  • [46:22] Sheri recounts a medical visit where the doctors were just concerned with lab test results, without acknowledging nutrition or the spiritual side of wellness. Kris agrees that we must put together a health team that will address us holistically.
  • [48:02] Real chronic stress will result in many health issues, and eventually even disease. Our bodies are resilient and the more we take care of ourselves from a baseline level, the less stressed we feel and the more our creativity can soar.
  • [51:48] Kris and her trusted team have created a new  21-Day Program, Crazy Sexy You, which gives people the recipes, coaching, and meditations they need to change their lives. Be sure you are signed up for the DreamTribe newsletter because Sheri and Nancy will be sending out some of Kris’s best recipes to empower even the most plant-phobic reader.
  • [54:03] One of the rockstar headliners of Sheri and Nancy’s inaugural live event is… you guessed it… Kris Carr! This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy: The Weekend on Aug 24-26 has an amazing line-up of teachers and tribe-builders who are going to help harness our collective energy and ignite our dreams. Tickets are on sale now at 1440.org/thisisfifty.

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