Ep 6 Desert Detox

Juice fasts and colonics. Fire ceremonies and sound baths. Walking meditation through a holy labyrinth. Learning to Dream Awake. In this episode Sheri and Nancy take it to the desert for an inside look into their six-day detox and spiritual retreat at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs.

A big part of their DreamQuest is, after all, a commitment to radical self care and transformation. What better way to stay true to that goal than to give it over to the experts: We Care founder Susana Belen and her daughter Susan Lombardi, co-owners and visionaries of the We Care wellness program that integrates Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Sheri and Nancy have conversations with Susana (who at 80 practices yoga and dances every day) and Susan (50+ and totally gorgeous), and the insights and revelations they share are mind blowing. This mother-daughter team is an inspiration to women everywhere on how to revere your body and cherish your spirit. And Sheri and Nancy share revelatory moments of their own. Nancy may be on her way to becoming a shaman, and both plan to learn reiki, the art of healing touch. Listen in as they describe the magic and miracles of their desert detox.


  • [6:08] Sheri and Nancy talk about the importance of ceremony and daily ritual.
  • [8:00] They learn a new concept — “Dream Awake” — which means encouraging themselves to bring the largest and deepest dreams into everyday reality.
  • [12:20] Both Sheri and Nancy experienced some symptoms from detoxing, but after about two days the fog cleared, and they both feel energetic, clear-minded, and refreshed.
  • [19:30] Susan Lombardi, co-owner of WeCare Spa, sits down with Sheri and Nancy, describing how the spa originated on this blessed and holy land.
  • [26:19] The tricks and tips learned in a retreat can stay with you in everyday life.
  • [35:13] Health pioneer Susana Belen founded We Care Spa 30 years ago, when she was 50 years old. Her program has been developed over decades of studying health and wellness and helping thousands of people.
  • [43:04] Susana shares her insights on food choices that enliven our spirits and strengthen our life force. Her advice: eat with reverence and gratitude.
  • [47:03] Mental attitude is essential. You are what you believe.
  • [51:53] Susana talks about spirituality in healing, and having a life of meaning.
  • [55:00] Sheri and Nancy suggest some easy ways to have your own retreat if you can’t attend one yet.

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