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Notes to Self Socks

Inspiration on the tips of your toes. A reminder of who you are and what you dream, every time you look down. One of our favorite brand partners — Notes to Self Socks — has teamed up with us to create our very first BRANDED SWAG. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Thank you Laura Schmidt, founder of Notes to Self Socks, for supporting us in our mission to grow our DreamTribe. We love a female-owned brand, and we adore our cozy Pillar Life socks. Get yours here!

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

We call her our Girlfriend Doctor. She’s like a best friend who is also a board-certified OB-GYN and an inventor of all-natural sexual health and wellness products that make us feel younger, livelier, juicier, and ready for romance. 

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s line of potions and lotions are carefully crafted to make women of all ages look and feel better than ever. From her Keto Green approach to nutrition to her hormone replacement creams, we’ve stumbled on some magic here, friends. 

Dr. Anna says aging gracefully and powerfully is entirely within our reach. Sign us up! Enter the code DREAMTRIBE to receive 10% off.

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When it comes to beauty, we are finnicky customers. We’ve never found a beauty line we love from start to finish. So we are thrilled to share this beauty brand that meets our standards, and is cruelty-free.

We simply adore every Beautycounter product we try, from the lipsticks to the skin cleansers to the body lotions. We’ve never felt more gorgeous. And now they have an entire line for men too! 

We think this is the very best in clean, cruelty-free beauty. Because no animals should suffer for our berry lips.

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Tea Vibes

We drink tea around the clock. It curbs the night-time snacking, keeps us hydrated, and gives us energy and clarity throughout the day.

We’ve expanded our partnership with our all-time favorite tea brand, Tea Vibes – a small-batch tea company based in LA producing handcrafted, organic teas. Tea Vibes is now offering our DreamTribe a 15% discount on their complete line of delicious green, black and herbal teas.

Enter the code DREAMTRIBE to receive 15% off any flavors you choose. This discount will never expire. You’ll be a member of our tea club for life! Drink up, DreamTribe.

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Dry Farm Wines

We love wine-filled chats after a long day, or celebrations with friends on special occasions. But what we don’t love is a sugar and carb overload with every sip. We found the solution, and we’re so happy to share it with you.

Dry Farm Wines is an innovative brand committed to offering healthy, sugar-free wines to wine drinkers everywhere. Their teams exhaustively search small, old-vine, European vineyards and lab-test each vintage to deliver the most delicious sugar-free, sulfite-free, additive-free, low-carb wine available.

Order with our link below and get an extra bottle with your order for just one penny. Cheers, DreamTribe!

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