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Dry Farm Wines

We love wine-filled chats after a long day, or celebrations with friends on special occasions. But what we don’t love is a sugar and carb overload with every sip. We found the solution, and we’re so happy to share it with you.

Dry Farm Wines is an innovative brand committed to offering healthy, sugar-free wines to wine drinkers everywhere. Their teams exhaustively search small, old-vine, European vineyards and lab-test each vintage to deliver the most delicious sugar-free, sulfite-free, additive-free, low-carb wine available.

Order with our link and get an extra bottle with your order for just one penny. Cheers, DreamTribe!

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The Pillar Life T-TOX

We’ve partnered with the inventors of Tea Vibes, a small-batch tea company based in Los Angeles that produces handcrafted, organic, delicious teas. Together we’ve crafted The Pillar Life T-TOX — a daily ritual that hydrates, cleanses and calms. Our bespoke T-TOX consists of five different teas designed to lighten your body and lift your spirits.

The Pillar Life T-TOX helps us stop the night-time snacking, keeps us well hydrated, and gives us energy and clarity throughout the day. We are glowing from the inside out, and we think you will too. Enter code THEPILLARLIFE to receive 10% off your T-TOX!

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We are all about our berry lips, but we are even more excited that we found a cruelty-free beauty brand that delivers high-quality, gorgeous products without harming our furry friends. We simply love every Beautycounter product we try. And yes, we have our favorites. Sheri’s lip shade is “Little Black Dress” and Nancy loves “9 to 5” — and we are adding to our lipstick collection every week. And the skin care line is fantastic too — we’ve never felt dewier.

We think this is the very best in cruelty-free beauty products. Because no animals should suffer for our berry lips.

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Notes to Self Socks

Cozy and life affirming — who could ask for more in a sock? These delightful accessories have inspirational messages stitched across the toe and on the sole, to remind you how wonderful life really is every time you glance down at your feet. There are endless messages to choose from. We love so many of them: “I am Brave” “I am Thankful” “I Believe”.

The founder of Notes to Self Socks, Laura Schmidt, also gives tens of thousands of socks every year to people in need, which is just another reason to support this inventive, female-owned brand. Cozy up.

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