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A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Beloved podcaster and author Lori Harder joined Sheri + Nancy to talk about why finding your tribe may be the answer to abundance, connection and breakthroughs on every level. In her new book, A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori passionately recounts on her own experiences of going from an anxiety-ridden, unhappy and unhealthy woman to a three-time fitness world champion, madly-in-love married person, and podcast queen. But she also tells us how she didn’t do it alone.

Lori bridges the gap between inspiration and action, providing a lasting resource for positive change and a guidebook for establishing a support tribe. With crucial and fascinating lessons and contextual self-work exercises, this is the ultimate guidebook to discover the key to a lifetime of blissful happiness.

Listen to the episode.



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