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The DreamTribe Big Bundle

There are some products we love and just cannot live without. And our Girlfriend Doctor, Dr. Anna Cabeca (a triple-board-certified OB-GYN) has put together two bundles of our favorite products from her amazing line, just for us … and for you DreamTribe.

These bundles include Julva, a rejuvenating cream for our delicate feminine parts, Mighty Maca Plus, a green superfood we put in our smoothies every morning, Keto-Green, a meal replacement mix that tastes like chocolate, and Dr. Anna’s specially formulated bioavailable progesterone – Pura Balance PPR Cream, which is simply fabulous.

The DreamTribe bundle comes in two sizes: regular and big (the big bundle has a three-pack of Julva.) The DreamTribe gets 25% off the regular bundle and 30% off the big bundle.

The DreamTribe Big Bundle: $396.80

  • Julva (three-pack)
  • Mighty Maca Plus
  • Keto-Green Shake
  • PPR cream

The DreamTribe gets 30% off!

Use the code: dreamtribe30

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